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We Pay Cash for Scrap Metal from Residential, Commercial and Industrial Customers

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We Pay Cash for Scrap Metal from Residential, Commercial and Industrial Customers - Top Recycling Company

Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or industrial facility in the Chicagoland area, S&S Metal Recyclers II is a recycling company and can pay you a competitive rate for your recyclable material. We are glad to handle brass, aluminum, copper, and many other types of metal. Contact us today at 630-844-3344 or come by our location on Sullivan Road to learn more about our recycling processes and the top prices that we offer for scrap!

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We Provide All Metal Recycling Company Services

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Residential Metal Recycling

At S&S Metal Recyclers II, we’ll pay you top dollar for the recyclable materials in your home!

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Commercial Metal Recycling

Does your business need a profitable and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of old and scrap metal?


Industrial Metal Recycling

S&S Metal Recyclers II is here to help! We’ll not only help you properly dispose of the metals, but we’ll pay you for them!

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About S&S Metal Recyclers II

We Are An Expert Metal Recycling Company

We partner with homeowners & commercial clients to help them recycle their scrap metal. S&S Metal Recyclers II has recycling services enabling our customers to get rid of their unneeded metal while also practicing responsible recycling habits. The paved drive-through area at our facility provides a seamless, convenient way for you to drop off your scrap with our recycling company.

We use computerized payments and provide receipts for all orders. Our experienced staff is available to help you unload your vehicle and answer any questions that you may have. We have a truck scale for large quantities of metal and a smaller, indoor scale to weigh your scrap materials. Simply contact our recycling company today at 630-844-3344 or visit our location to get a fair price for your recyclable scrap metal!

From Scrap to Success: Your Reliable Metal Recycling Partner

Commercial Recycling

S&S Metal Recyclers II is happy to work with commercial clients, including construction companies, offices, and businesses of any size.

Why We Are An Expert Recycling Company

We can leave a lugger box at your location for your employees to drop off your recyclable metal equipment. A member of our team can provide you with an onsite estimate for your scrap and work with you during the recycling process.

Our recycling company yard – where we have state-certified scales – is also a Phase 1 EPA rated facility. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the best way to responsibly dispose of your scrap materials in compliance with local and state ordinances.

Call us at 630-844-3344 to learn more about our many commercial recycling options.

Why Recycle

Recycling has been a longstanding practice, originating from concerns about pollution and landfill overflow. As awareness grew, many cities and counties began offering trash and recycling services, covering various materials like metal, copper, aluminum, and even gold found in electronics.

What To Recycle

What You Can Recycle With Our Help


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